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“Ordinary magic happens every single day.” There could be truth in this statement, and this complex world might be magical in little ways only if we know where to look for it. That is what Wonderland, an enchanting musical, wants to convey as Alice Stetson, a struggling author and school teacher, stumbles into the world of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Jack Murphy, Gregory Boyd, and Frank Wildhorn tell a brave retelling of a classic tale through appealing tunes and performances. Coming to Tuahcan Amphitheater in Ivins, Utah, Wonderland will make you believe in finding a new sense of balance and strength within yourself as you join Alice in her quest to find the power of true love. Prepare to fall into a rabbit hole of vibrant characters and a bewilderingly captivating world in this musical of inspirations and self-discovery.

wonderland tickets

“The songs are melodically interesting and rhythmically great fun for ensemble singing, with witty lyrics.” – Sarah Lambie, Drama & Theatre Magazine

 “A visual feast, with dazzling costumes, marvelously funky dance, and a flashy, high-tech production design.” – John Fleming, St. Petersburg Times

“Staged by Gregory Boyd, who co-wrote the book with Murphy, “Wonderland” isn’t the most original or coherent musical. But it’s light on its feet, a nice option for kids and at just over two hours, its length is wonderful.” – Philip Boroff, Bloomberg News

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Alice in Wonderland is a famous fairy tale. Thus, recreating it is a difficult feat. This was the challenge faced by the trio of Jack Murphy, Gregory Boyd, and Frank Wildhorn. Their vision or “whole new view through the looking glass” leads to the creation of a lively, inspirational musical. As it relies more on the profound lessons given in the story than on expressing the playfulness of the original, this has garnered mixed reviews. However, the show exhibited a great contemporary iteration. It is a perfect modern reflection of people’s experiences.

Taking its cue from various fantasy and fairy tale musicals, Wonderland has the same feel as Wicked and The Wiz musicals. These shows have a similar premise of women and, in the case of Wicked, witches facing their struggles by discovering their strengths. But in Wonderland, it is in addition of all characters being “potential gurus pointing the way to self-realization, each and every one intimating a message of empowerment,” as Charles Isherwood of the New York Times said.

The story follows Alice Stenton, a struggling author and schoolteacher. She recently went through a falling out with her husband, leading her and her daughter Chloe to move to New York. Nothing seems to go in the direction Alice hoped for in her life. The separation, Chloe’s sadness with the situation, and her manuscript being coldly rejected made her feel hopeless. One night, everything changed when Alice weirdly saw a white rabbit as she was about to sleep. Following it suddenly brought her to the Wonderland. The place she discovered was from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, as she was welcomed by people dressed like Alice in the book. A wild adventure commenced with this discovery. Throughout her “stay,” she met the iconic characters of Wonderland; the White Knight, Caterpillar, El Gato, who lost his power, the Mad Hatter, and the Queen of Hearts. The conflict began as Alice got caught in the dispute between Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts about ruling Wonderland. In a whirlwind of quests, she has to resolve this dispute and discover what matters most in her life.

With brightly colored sets, somewhat thematic music, and whimsical storytelling and performances, Wonderland immerses you in a colorful experience in retrospect of a dull world. Wildhorn’s music especially is eclectic in this show, from being pop to having jazzy sounds. 

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An Excerpt from “Wonderland: Alice’s New Musical Adventure review” by AllMusicals.com

We cannot forget about the outstanding compositions created by Frank Wildhorn and Jack Murphy. Wildhorn is a great composer who has been creating melodies for musicals and popular songs for many years. No doubt that the music for this production appeared to be the same marvelous and memorable.

Gregory Boyd, who was not only the director, but also a co-author of the musical, did a great job. He mixed all this brightness and craziness into a single whole. The actors are perfectly selected. The characters are fantastically colorful, and the performers were able to transfer their mood, emotions, and inner state. The role of the Hatter is both evil and delicious. Kate Shindle is just a perfect choice for this character. The songs, performed by her prove that. As for her visual look, the critics called her a glowering vamp. Darrin Ritchie reflects the image of a Disney prince, who saves everyone and sacrifices himself. Telling about Janet Dacal, her image reflects the place she has come from. While the costumes of all the other characters are so-called extraordinary and exotic, she looks quite usual. She stands out of the general madness of this world. Her acting is the same, she shows that she is from the other place and we cannot understand what she is doing here.

Concerning choreography, the musical is successful. It was even nominated for Astaire Award in this category. So, Marguerite Derricks created a nice thing. There is probably no need to search for a deep sense in this performance. There are lots of other to admire here. If you want to see something bright and outstanding, this staging is what you require.

by AllMusicals.com

“As a work in progress, Wonderland no doubt will continue improving. Even as it stands, for all the shortcomings, it’s likely to please many who’ll be happy enough with its bursts of flash, volume and grab-bag of references to those beloved Alice books.” – The Houston Chronicle

Kids will truly enjoy Wonderland. As a two-hour eccentric and meaningful musical, it will surely give joy and stimulate imagination among kids of all ages. Currently, the show is running in Tuacahn Amphitheater, which began May 14 and will continue until October 21. Book your tickets now and prepare to dive into a rabbit hole of fun and excitement. Get your events passes by hitting the “Get Tickets” button. 

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